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OpenPortal WSRP Project
Milestone 1 preview - Install & User Guide
Note : This build is deprecated - Pls visit the download link to get the latest build

Here is the install instructions for trying the milestone 1 preview drop of the OpenPortal WSRP Project. The milestone 1 preview delivers a installable WSRP components that allows users to try the planned features of milestone 1. As the project stabilizes we plan to tag the codebase as milestone 1 build by end of December.

If you would like to keep track of future announcements and additions to the Enterprise WSRP OSP Project, please subscribe to the alias.

If you have questions on how to use the WSRP Project and other comments/suggestions/requests, we urge you to join the alias.

Please report any issues that you encounter while trying milestone 1 preview to



    The screencast for download, build, install and test steps are available at -

    Download & Build

    Install & Test


Install Instructions

Step 1: Install & verify Portlet Container and driver

     Download Portlet Container milestone 1 preview binary from here to install the Portal Container and the driver. Verify the installation by deploying a portlet and by viewing the content of the deployed portlet.  

     You can download the sources here and build it yourself. Alternatively, you can check-out the portlet container milestone 1 preview tag using the following command

   svn checkout portlet-container --username guest   

Note: WSRP milestone 1 preview works only with Portlet Container milestone 1 preview only.

Step 2: Obtain the WSRP source code / binary

      You can download the binary of the WSRP milestone 1 preview here. After downloading the binary, unzip the file and a wsrp directory will be created, follow rest of the steps to continue with installation.

 Alternatively you can download the WSRP sources here and build it yourself or check-out the WSRP milestone 1 preview tag using the following command

    svn checkout wsrp --username guest 

    Follow rest of the instructions here to compile the source code.  This would have created <wsrp-code-base>/dist directory   

Step 3: Deploy WSRP Producer and Consumer

  1. cd <wsrp-code-base>/dist/wsrp or if you have downloaded the binary, cd wsrp
  2. edit the config/deployenv.conf and provide the necessary details.
  3. ant -f setup.xml deploy-on-glassfish.
  4. restart glassfish.
  5. Check the portlet container driver by accessing http://your-host:port/portletcontainerdriver/dt. You will see a WSRP tab (with no portlets in it).

Step 4: Deploy WSRP Admin Portlets

    There are 2 admin portlets provided by WSRP

  1. WSRP Producer Admin portlet (wsrp-producer-portlet.war)
  2. WSRP Consumer Admin portlet (wsrp-consumer-portlet.war)

These war's are located under <wsrp-code-base>/dist/wsrp/admin  directory 

  1. Use the portlet container driver admin tab to deploy these wars.

Note : These portlet's would give "Content Error" when the WSRP sample Mbean server is not running.

This completes the install instruction for installing WSRP. Follow the following steps for using the WSRP components.


User Guide

Step 1: Starting the WSRP MBean server

    The WSRP provides a sample MBean that deploys WSRP MBeans. The WSRP admin portlets contact this MBean server and provide the necessary administrative functionality. Here are the steps to start this sample MBean server

  1. cd <wsrp-code-base>/dist/wsrp/admin
  2. Start the rmiregistry by using  rmiregistry 1099 &
  3. ant -f run.xml  - This starts the MBean server .

Step 2: Creating WSRP Producer

    The WSRP Producer Admin portlet provides the necessary UI for creating and managing WSRP Producers. There exists a default producer called "SampleProducer" which is disabled.

  1. To enable this producer. Edit the producer by clicking on the link.
  2. Publish some portlets i.e move the portlets from "Unpublished Portlets" list to "Published Portlets" list.
  3. Enable the producer.
  4. Click save to save the changes.

Step 3 : Creating WSRP Consumer

    You can create a WSRP Consumer by using the WSRP Consumer Admin Portlet. To create a consumer you'd need to have a producer URL. You can choose to use the "SampleProducer" which we created in the above step. To create a consumer

  1. Click "New" on the WSRP Consumer Portlet
  2. Provide the WSRP Producer URL and click "Get info"
  3. If the producer requires registration, Provide the details
  4. Click finish to complete the Consumer creation

Step 4: Creating Remote/WSRP Portlets.

    The WSRP Consumer admin portlets provides a "Create" link in each of the available Consumers

  1. Click the "Create" to create a channel
  2. Choose a name for the portlet
  3. Choose the remote portlet handle which you want to consumer
  4. Click finish.

Step 5: Viewing Remote/WSRP Portlets

    Click the WSRP tab on the portlet container driver to view the remote portlet that we just created.

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